Connect Thunar to Nextcloud

I was looking for a way to integrate the Nextcloud WebDAV interface into Thunar, a Linux file manager.

After some time I found you can just paste this link davs://<username> into the address line. Then I've right clicked -> Store as bookmark.

However, only the first part of the link was stored: davs:// :(

So next I tried to find out where Thunar stores it bookmarks. A lot of stuff I've found said ~/.gtk-bookmarks. This is outdated tho, and the file is now located at ~/.config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks.

So add a new line to the file:

davs://<username> Nextcloud

..and it should work as expected.

One thing about the authentication: You should setup a new app password in your user settings (in case you use 2FA you even have to):