Moved Gitlab server to another host

I use the Gitlab Community Edition for private projects.

Now I wanted to replace the Acer Revo with a more powerful Intel NUC i5 I bought. So I copied all volumes referenced by the docker container (for me it was ./gitlab/config, ./gitlab/data and ./gitlab/logs) and tried to start gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest.

In the log files (docker logs gitlab) Gitlab told me the permissions have changed due to the copying. I searched the internet, found this on and I had to run:

docker exec gitlab update-permissions

However, I still got error messages like Couldn't connect to redis. I took a look at the file system manually and found the permissions have not been set correctly. I had to run this command to fix it:

docker exec gitlab chown -R gitlab-redis:gitlab-redis /var/opt/gitlab/redis/
docker restart gitlab